About Us

HTML Tutorials is aimed at supporting small business owners, web designers and coders, and website owners who consider coding as a hobby. This web portal is designed to introduce the public to the wonders of coding a webpage using HTML types, CSS, and other important elements that build pages we see on the Internet.

While there are tons of websites on the internet that teaches HTML, our concept is teaching it like ABC. This way, non-technical individuals with no IT background or knowledge of web design can easily get started. Through the recommendations of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), we advocate good practices in web coding and design.

Our tutorials are scaled to their introductory levels. We have amassed tons of references on learning and writing HTML 4.01 compliant coding. We continue to update our knowledge base on HTML coding and its associates in web development to the latest versions available.

At the core of all these, we want our learners to develop a page without the help of any programs and understand key concepts on how their websites work logically and visually. All our content is designed with the beginner in mind. While previous web design experience is not necessary, we hope that you have the basics of using a computer.