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How to Start An E Commerce Business in Canada 2023

E commerce written on a tab

Wondering how to start an e commerce business in Canada? That’s understandable.
With remote working and hybrid work plans becoming the new normal, everyone is discovering just how much you can do virtually. One such discovery is buying online and running a successful online business. That’s not surprising because, during the pandemic, several Canadians relied on e commerce businesses like AliExpress to cater to their needs.
That explains why online shopping is rampant these days. So, if you’d love …

How to Build a Free Website for Your Business

Gone were those times where you had to pay heavily to have a professional website for your business. Regardless of what business you’re into, even if it’s a highly competitive Canadian CBD business for pets, you can create a free website with a free domain name to sell your products. Here are easy steps to build a free website for your business.
Step 1: Host Your Website Free
Sign up for a hosting account on a free hosting website. There are free hosting websites like Yola, Wix, Weebly, and so on. To get a free account, you have to provide a valid email address. After that, you’d have to create a username …

How to Build a Gaming Server from Scratch

Having a private gaming server is pretty cool and comes with numerous benefits. First, you no longer have to be at the mercy of multiple servers when you want to play a game. Also, you have broader control over the game setting and network configurations with your own server. For example, you can specify how many players you’d like to have in the gameplay at once or game resources they get to have.
You might have contemplated building your game server from scratch, but wondering where to begin. You’ll need specific hardware and software requirements in place to build your own server. This article highlights these details, …

The Best 4 Vaping and eCig eCommerce Themes and Templates

Vaping and eCig eCommerce

The online sale of vaping products is rapidly increasing as the demand for vapes and e-cigarettes has increased. Multiple studies have indicated that vaping is healthier than smoking. Therefore, the demand for vaping products could increase even further. And Vaping suppliersare really active to complete the demand. You could be that entrepreneur who wants to venture into vaping and e-cig e-commerce. The most important thing for e-commerce is to ensure that your site is properly designed to offer the best customer experience. Therefore, you need to choose the best themes and …

How Does Remote Desktop Work

Remote desktop works by enabling users to connect to a particular computer and then control or use it over the internet as if they’re in front of the computer. So it’s more or less remote-controlled software.
A good instance to use is a technical support call scenario. After you inform the technician of the issue you’re facing on your computer, he uses your mouse cursor to fix the problem, that’s a remote desktop connection at work. It enables you to operate a computer from a remote location.
This article will discuss how the remote desktop software works and what it is.
What Is Remote Desktop…

WordPress 101: The Basics of Themes

WordPress themes are collections of files that designate the blog or website’s style and features. Upon installation, your website will have a default theme, which can be found under the themes directory (wp-content folder) on your web server. However, you can install another WordPress theme available on the WordPress Theme Directory.
Each WordPress theme is divided into pieces in the theme folder that is assembled by the WordPress programming system. The following are the usual theme files common in every WordPress theme. …

How to Back Up Your WordPress Blog?

Backing up your WordPress Blog is as important as backing up your website. It means you can back it up and must do so especially when you are working on on-site changes. Especially when things go wrong, failing to back up means having to work on your website from scratch, which is the one thing you do not want to experience.
Tips for Backing Up WordPress

Back up your WordPress folders and files using your FTP. Place this in a different folder from your live blog copy.
Back up your WordPress database through the MySQL database section. Please refer to your web hosting for more detailed info on…

A Step-by-step Guide to Self-Install WordPress

As one of the most well-known blogging software programs, WordPress is a great start for anyone who wants to start a blog or a website. While today’s web hosting providers, including WordPress itself, offer a one-click blog setup, there are still a ton of benefits in self-installing WordPress.
These benefits include knowing the version you are working with, has full control of the features that can be useful to blogging, and backup options for your database and files.
Before self-installing WordPress, you need to check whether you have PHP v5.2 or updated, MySQL v5.015 or updated, or an Apache mod-rewrite module that is …