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Designing Your Website: Technologies

Designing the Web with technologies is as visual as it is technical. While developing web pages requires extensive knowledge of coding, especially HTML/CSS coding, designing web pages requires extensive knowledge of visual aesthetics and interactive web appeal.
Visual aesthetics come in the form of graphics, color presentation, palette principles, and even the use of Flash to support video content or animated elements.
What web graphic elements require extensive website technologies?
The following elements will tell you when you need an extended website technology to, initially, reduce the bandwidth …

Designing Your Website: Audience Targeting

Web designing revolves around audience targeting and the technologies supporting it. In planning your website design, it looks at the available technologies of the audience it caters; the computer itself, its OS version and subsequent updates, software updates, internet connectivity type, and browser versions alongside subsequent updates.
When designing your website, you need to keep in mind the skills and technology of your target audience. Some of the things to consider include:
1. Target Audience skills
Determine whether your target audience is computer savvy or they have no computer experience….

Designing Your Website: Site Purposing

Designing your webpage covers two important purpose factors: User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). They define how your website is designed that is deemed accessible by the users depending on their experience navigating your website as well as the presentability and appeal of its interface.
No matter the evolution stages of the World Wide Web, the user’s purpose of building websites has always been the same. The needs for a website have always revolved around its marketing appeal as well as its communicative appeal.
Designing your website revolves around the following purposes:
1. Generate Revenue…