The Cost of Coding with Non-compliant HTML Code

Non-compliant HTML Codes are codes that do not follow the standards of HTML coding. These standards are defined by HTML 4.01 specifications, which follow part of the XHTML specifications. They are usually considered unclean codes.

What Happens When You Use a Non-Compliant HTML Code?

  • HTML codes that are non-compliant can cause your computer, or specifically your browser, to crash. You may find Internet Explorer running the website fine, but not everyone is using IE, especially in this generation.
  • Fixing pages with bloated and/or non-compliant HTML codes takes a lot of time. This can an issue for businesses that have other important tasks or depends on the internet for leads. Non-compliant HTML will surely be a time-eater and costly to fix either as a DIY project or with the help of an IT expert.
  • Non-compliant HTML will lead to lost visitors and, eventually, lost sales. Non-rendering of your web pages could discourage visitors from taking advantage of your services or merchandise, which will translate to missed sales opportunities and revenue losses.
  • Search engines like Google will not index your webpage as they cannot read pages coded incorrectly. Consequently, this is likely to lower traffic and sales opportunity.
  • Non-compliant HTML is incredibly high maintenance as it requires a lot of resources. This will result in extra hosting costs and update times.
  • Incorrectly coded web pages will surely incur overage charges. Even when your website works fine with non-compliant HTML, a specific bandwidth amount is included, and non-compliant HTML will eat up assigned bandwidths by your web hosting provider as webpage traffic increases.

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