Ways to Clean Up HTML Coding

A clean HTML code is tantamount to any website’s success. It makes the website more search engine-friendly, reduces page size for faster loading, and increases user and developer accessibility.

In creating or cleaning up HTML codes, it is best to start by removing non-compliant coding and codes that are excessive to the page. Also, transfer presentation HTML coding to the stylesheet. Consequently, this will result to clean HTML codes that are standard compliant.

When cleaning up HTML codes, you should note important head tags. If coding in XHTML, the tag end will have to be altered appropriately.

1. Title Tag

This tag designates the title of every webpage that relates to its content. It is important for SEO as well.

2. Description Meta Tag

It is the page summary when searching for your webpage. It must be unique on every web page. Also, a good description Meta tag should be relative to the page’s content.

3. Keywords Meta Tag

If you want your web page to be targeted with specific keywords, use this meta. It is unique on every web page and relative to its contents.

4. HTTP Charset Parameter

This parameter specifies document encoding, determined by the W3C HTTP charset parameter.

5. Robots Meta Tag

This refers to the robots.txt file of your HTML page

6. Author Meta Tag

This meta tag designates the author of the webpage.

What to Avoid when Coding HTML?

To come up with clean HTML coding, be sure to avoid the following.

  • Useless meta tags
  • Too much coding or elements
  • Deprecated HTML coding
  • Incorrect characters
  • Tons of nested tables or incorrectly coded tables
  • Using elements outside their intended purpose

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