Building Your Website: Audience Targeting

When it comes to building a website, the first question you might want to ask yourself is who your target audience is. Who visits your website and what do they intend to do there?

These questions will define your target audience. When assessing the audience of your web pages, you will look at the things they expect from visiting your website.

Target Audience Skills

You need to also see how the user experience works for your website. Is it easily navigable? Can the least computer literate individual be able to navigate through your web pages? You need to know how your visitors interact with your page to understand their skills.

The Visual or Motor Skills of Your Target Audience

Since accessing the web is a visual skill, it is important to assess whether your web pages are visually appropriate for your target audience. If you are targeting visually impaired users, how will they be able to navigate through your website? Is the page zoomable? Are the colors perceivable even to those with color blindness?

The Technology of Your Target Audience

Far more than the sensible stuff, the technological aspect of your audience is also important. For instance, when doing your website planning, you need to know how well they understand:

  • Computer Operating System (OS)
  • Computer equipment
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Use of Web or Mobile Browsers
  • The latest updates

These key points will help you assess the website technologies needed to make your user-friendly. You will also know the type of web hosting you need and your budget in building your web pages.

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