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Building Your Website: Technologies

In building websites, you must incorporate certain technologies. Planning the website technologies will depend on its type and its target audience.
1. Website Planning – Ecommerce
Technologies that are common in eCommerce websites include shopping carts, payment gateways, shipping databases, data security, and aftersales support. All these technologies are essential in keeping track of inventory, sales, aftersales, and even customer support.
2. Website Planning – Communications
Technologies common in communication websites include email captures, message …

Building Your Website: Audience Targeting

When it comes to building a website, the first question you might want to ask yourself is who your target audience is. Who visits your website and what do they intend to do there?
These questions will define your target audience. When assessing the audience of your web pages, you will look at the things they expect from visiting your website.
Target Audience Skills
You need to also see how the user experience works for your website. Is it easily navigable? Can the least computer literate individual be able to navigate through your web pages? You need to know how your visitors interact with your page …

Reasons for Building Your Website

Before building your website, there are several things that you must consider. You first need to determine the purpose of building it. For example, are you building the website to make money, to share details or info on your products or services, or as a way of communicating with your family, friends, or your target market for your business?
Assessing your website’s purpose will play a key role in determining how the pages will look like. It will also help you know the required website technologies and the budget for web hosting.
1. Build Your Website to Make Money
With the rise of e-commerce, you …