Building Your Website: Technologies

In building websites, you must incorporate certain technologies. Planning the website technologies will depend on its type and its target audience.

1. Website Planning – Ecommerce

Technologies that are common in eCommerce websites include shopping carts, payment gateways, shipping databases, data security, and aftersales support. All these technologies are essential in keeping track of inventory, sales, aftersales, and even customer support.

2. Website Planning – Communications

Technologies common in communication websites include email captures, message responders, mail forwarding protocols, mailing databases, forums, guest counters, chat boxes, and guestbooks. Bulletin boards are also added as plugins to display up-to-date announcements about the website, the owner, and its purpose (i.e., business announcements, promotions, etc.)

 Webhosting in Website Planning

This technology focuses more on the storage of input information like user registration, mailing list captures, sign-up forms, etc. The database type, FrontPage extensions usage, and web programming types can affect web hosting costs.

The Webspace Host Operating System

After deciding the technologies required for building your website, it is time to review the type of operating system for the web host. The OS is the current or planned software system that operates the functions and logic of your computer.

PHP and MySQL use Lynx as their host OS. ASP, SQL, .Net, and FrontPage are extensions supported and specified by Microsoft OS, which is Windows. When using your website as a business gateway, it is important to consider the current OS in your company’s machines. This is especially true for the computer where the website is hosted.

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