Designing Your Website: Technologies

Designing the Web with technologies is as visual as it is technical. While developing web pages requires extensive knowledge of coding, especially HTML/CSS coding, designing web pages requires extensive knowledge of visual aesthetics and interactive web appeal.

Visual aesthetics come in the form of graphics, color presentation, palette principles, and even the use of Flash to support video content or animated elements.

What web graphic elements require extensive website technologies?

The following elements will tell you when you need an extended website technology to, initially, reduce the bandwidth usage as well as optimize them for website implementation.

1. Flash Elements

These are elements powered by Flash technologies (i.e., Adobe Flash), which are sometimes used to support video formats.

2. Animated Graphics

They come in the form of GIFs or any animated image format that is not technically a video.

3. Static Graphics

These are non-moving graphic elements like JPEG, PNG, or other graphic formats.

Website graphic size and type may not fit exactly in web technology in technical terms. However, design-heavy, graphic-heavy, and media-heavy websites will require a huge web space amount. These graphic elements take a ton of bandwidth. Thus, having technology that can optimize these graphic elements is deemed useful in this sense.

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