Designing Your Website: Audience Targeting

Web designing revolves around audience targeting and the technologies supporting it. In planning your website design, it looks at the available technologies of the audience it caters; the computer itself, its OS version and subsequent updates, software updates, internet connectivity type, and browser versions alongside subsequent updates.

When designing your website, you need to keep in mind the skills and technology of your target audience. Some of the things to consider include:

1. Target Audience skills

Determine whether your target audience is computer savvy or they have no computer experience.

2. Computer Specifications

It is important to detail out how the webpage performs even to the least performing processors and storage readers/writers. Include mobile computers, smartphones, and feature phones with internet connectivity when planning design technologies for your web pages.

3. Operating System

Is it Windows or Mac? Knowing your audiences’ operating system will help you determine the design technologies to be applied in building your website.

4. Internet Connectivity

The fastness depends on their connection type (i.e., DSL, dial-up, fiber) and how your website loads quickly to the user/audience’s end, beginning with the search engine results until accessing the web page itself.

5. Internet Browser

Web browsers create a fence on who can access what is on your website. Knowing how your website performs across web browsers will tell you how your audience will make use of your website.

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