How to Back Up Your WordPress Blog?

Backing up your WordPress Blog is as important as backing up your website. It means you can back it up and must do so especially when you are working on on-site changes. Especially when things go wrong, failing to back up means having to work on your website from scratch, which is the one thing you do not want to experience.

Tips for Backing Up WordPress

  • Back up your WordPress folders and files using your FTP. Place this in a different folder from your live blog copy.
  • Back up your WordPress database through the MySQL database section. Please refer to your web hosting for more detailed info on database backup.
  • Ensure that you back up your backup WordPress files. You can place it in a separate folder, a different drive, or even an external drive. Also, your PC may have a regular backup task, so you can simply add the folders containing your blog materials in that backup protocol.

When backing up your WordPress blog, make sure that you have access to the internet. You also need your web hosting account login info and your FTP login credentials. Additionally, you need to launch (or install) your FTP software, a dedicated folder in your PC for backup, and another dedicated folder for backup database storage.

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