How to Build a Free Website for Your Business

Gone were those times where you had to pay heavily to have a professional website for your business. Regardless of what business you’re into, even if it’s a highly competitive Canadian CBD business for pets, you can create a free website with a free domain name to sell your products. Here are easy steps to build a free website for your business.

Step 1: Host Your Website Free

Sign up for a hosting account on a free hosting website. There are free hosting websites like Yola, Wix, Weebly, and so on. To get a free account, you have to provide a valid email address. After that, you’d have to create a username and password for your free account

Step 2: Choose a Free Domain Name

After creating a free hosting account for your business, the next thing to do is to select the domain name for your business using a free domain site. Your domain name is inherently the name of your website, so you have to make sure the name you’re picking is impressive. Make sure it’s short and easy to spell.

Step 3: Classify Your Business

Once your domain name has been sorted out, the next thing to do is choose a category for the type of business you’re into. This makes it very easy for your website to pop up when people type it on search engines. This lends visibility to your website in the long run.

Step 4: Add Some Content

After selecting a category for your business website, the next thing to do is design your website homepage with images and videos where necessary. Make sure your homepage image and subsequent ones you upload to the website are representative of the type of products you’re selling.

Step 5: Create Some Fields

Create different fields on your website using their built-in templates. These give you an idea of how your website will appear to visitors. After creating the different fields with specific names and purposes, delete the unnecessary ones and arrange them according to the template style you selected.

Step 6: Add an About Us

The next thing to do is to add a business description to your website. This description lets people who visit your website know what your business is all about and the services you render. This description should include an “About Us” that gives people an opportunity to get in-depth information about your business. A page that also allows people to ‘Contact’ you is useful so that customers can reach you directly.

Step 7: Add Your Products

After adding your business description and other details about your products, you can now go ahead and upload as many photos and videos of the products you’re selling. One way to attract customers via your images and videos is to make them look as credible as possible. Another thing you should do is ensure you add the prices of each item to the image attached. This saves time and the unnecessary stress of continuously supplying customers with that info.

Step 8: Preview and Backup Your Website

After doing all of these things, it’s best to preview and backup your website. Make sure you scrutinize everything you’ve uploaded to make sure there are no errors. Once you’re sure there isn’t, you can then click on publish to start selling your products on your free website.

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